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Logo Design team

“ Logo Design Team ” is a company that has the capability and expertise to understand your business requirements and provides you business logo design services. It will always come up to your imagination and expectations at highest professional level. A team of specialized and dedicated professionals, we are always well equipped and ready to help your company or a corporate company to achieve your corporate logo designs (As the case may be).
At Logo Design team , we can come up with such stunning and attractive custom logo designs, corporate logos which will vividly project and display goals and achievements of your company. This will be an added attraction for the viewers and potential customers. It will help enhance your business manifold, in short period of time. This is what the affordable Logo Design Team aims at.
What we produce for you will be our professional proficiency and what we charge, we term it ' Reasonable price'. We welcome you to compare with other competitors, we assure you, and our prices will always be the lowest. Why our prices are lower than others? We believe that smaller business enterprises have equal rights for professionally design logos for their products; we offer them a price which they can afford conveniently. All our packages are based on money back guarantee. For our respected clients we leave nothing at risk. This displays our confidence on our team who are among the best in the field. Who have already attained worldwide recognition by creating brand identities of several successful companies and start-ups. We are confident that you will fall in love with your company's custom logo design, Business logo design created by our brilliant professionals. Logo Design Team is proud to offer its services Australia wide ( Sydney , Melbourne , Brisbane , Perth , Adelaide ).

Stunning, attractive, smart and creative custom logo design service at guaranteed lower price on the web. A true identity for your products.



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Logo Design Process ( View our logo design process )

Keeping in mind your business values and goals we create logos designs by a dedicated and professional effort. Remember , creating your company logo is an important and a difficult job, it has to create an everlasting impression in a flick of a second and what it says about your business sets you far ahead in competition and it needs to last.

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Our Portfolio ( View our logo design portfolio )



Why Choose Logo Design team

  • Absolute Satisfaction Guaranteed.  Designing and creating your company logo for your absolute satisfaction and accurate reflection of your corporate, our dedicated professional will work tirelessly until you’re totally satisfied.

  • Invaluable Experience.  Our experts have vast experience of creating business logo designs / corporate logo design, having millions of affordable logo designs to their credit; they are wizards in their field. To judge our standard ,our logo design portfolio includes scores of samples.
  • Time is priceless.  We understand that your time is priceless. Our  logo design professionals are wizards, sharp and efficient. We work as follow.
    First logo design draft – 1 to 3 days (After Agreement)
    Each logo design revision - 1 to 3 days (After your request)

  • Professionalize Customer Support.  We always adopt a professional approach, we work with courtesy and we understand how to help you design the logo you need. We will remain in touch with you till final process is complete. Our professional will also remain in touch with you as we provide telephone and e-mail support (M-F 9 am – 5 am Eastern Australian Standard Time) and (24/7 e-mail)

  • Simplified Process.  To communicate with our designer and customer service team, in a simplified manner, our highly advanced logo viewing panel will remain available for you.

  • Professional Expert. Highly educated in the field and adequately trained in graphic design and fine art, our designer our genius and extremely creative. Combine with them our dedicated Quality Control Managers who  ensure that only the best logo designs are created for our clients.

  • Financial Affect.  Study our packages; you will realize how cost effective we are. Our design packages start at only $99 + GST with no hidden charges.

  • Credibility.  Our works speak of its standard and commitment.

Why is business logo design important for a business ?

The number of reasons why a logo design is important for a business are many some subtle and others so glaringly obvious that they almost don't need stating and the word 'almost' is important here.

We are sorry if we are stating the obvious but some many times business professionals miss the most obvious reasons why a Logo design important for a business and why therefore investing in a professional custom logo design can be the most important investment any company can make.

The logo of a company is often the first thing that a customer or supplier sees from your business, it is on the signage, your company vehicles and on your letterhead and as they say “you never get a second chance to make a first impression.” And first impressions are important.

Custom logo design always proves to be affordable logo design if it is produced by a logo design service because it will be clean, smart and well designed. A good logo design service can also make a small company look much larger which can have all sorts of advantage.

It is important to remember that the design of your logo is at the heart of your company’s corporate identity and whether you company is large or small the design of the logo therefore has a great impact on the presentation of your company through its deliverables such as stationary, website design, brochures, signage and vehicle livery and so there is no point using cheap logo design.

Once you have your logo design in place and the identity deliverables established around your logo you will find that you company begins to establish a brand identity some of this process is organic and parts can be proscribed by designers and consultants however all of the process depends upon the quality, excellence and most importantly the appearance of your logo.

By using a clever logo design that appeals to people of a similar mind set or persuasion you can position your business within your chosen niché market or industry Greenpeace is a perfect example of an organization which has successfully appealed to a niché market with it’s logo.

Their logo is on a green background and although it is uses and has a very ‘non-corporate’ feel it looks as though it is graffiti sprayed on a wall thus appealing to eco-warriors everywhere.

Which is sad when you know that Greenpeace is not a charity it is a global multi-billion dollar organization which appeals to eco-warriors who are trying to ‘defeat’ global multi-billion dollar organizations, how about that for a brilliant logo?


Importance of having a good Custom Logo Design

When a child is born we immediately name the child, and with his name we suffix the family or father’s name. Why so? We want that for the entire life the child be called, remembered, recognized and acquainted by his or her name and we add family or father’s name to his or her name to differentiate the child from other child having similar name.
Similarly, when you plan to run a serious business, the first step you take is that you plan what to do as per your budget; the next step you take is that, you give a name to your business; to be successful; you want it to be acquainted, recognized and remembered by the public. So for convenience of your target audience, you tend to add a symbol as a brand to the name. This is called a “Logo design ". You can have a Simple logo, a Bright logo, or a Classy logo.  While doing so remember the following:

  • Logo design is a symbol of the company’s goals, attitude and it targets market – logo is the visual design element.
  • It creates the all important ‘First impression’ in a professional manner.
  • It is a symbol that conveys your company’s or product’s, quality and trust worthiness.
  • A logo is enough need not to see your name - logo can work wonders for your business.
  • It is the logo that conveys the nature and character of your company, Logo become synonymous.
  • Logo facilitates in conveying what your product, services and company conveys.
  • Influence any buyer phenomenally.


Keeping in mind seven golden rules given above, formulated after studying some of the logo’s which have done wonders to their respective businesses. Such as:-

  • The Nike’sTick ‘- Enough to be recognized by logo alone; A Simple Logo.
  • Pepsi – The ‘Circular’, with a sequence of red, white and blue colors – a symbol of attraction for all; A Bright Logo.
  • Coca cola – Swirl design of red and white; A Classy Logo
  • ‘Mc Donald’s – ‘Golden Arch’, Differentiates it from the others; A Classy Logo.

To summarize, think, what attracts you the most when you go to buy a book, off course the Cover of the book. The front page headlines and the news article are selected with extra care by all the news papers. They capitalize on it. Yet the ‘above fold’ which is the top section of a news paper is read the most. Your LOGO is the major contributing factor to your success – Logo is a symbol. It must be remembered the most It’s a visual synergy.
Logo conveys the message, you want to express to the public. Logo expresses entire company and everything it stands for.
Therefore, your company logo design must clearly sum up your business. It must be a simple graphic representation, professionally refined to serve its purpose. It must have enough power to influence the perception of your target audience. It should instill trust.


Types of Logo

A logo is a symbolic identifying mark that conveys origin, identity, ownership and helps educe recognition. It is the powerful visual representation of your company, venture or organization. It forms on everlasting, unique and positive impression. The object of the logo is to form an impression, to act as a mnemonic tool and an identifier.

There are three basic types of logo:

  1. Iconic / symbolic Logo ( corporate logo design )
  2. Word mark Logo ( small to medium business logo design
  3. Combination Logo ( various )

 Iconic / Symbolic Logo:
These are very popular with new business and high-techs. The style is clean and professional. Sometimes it coveys deeper meaning especially when icons are in abstract.
Iconic logo basically combines the idea of a brand-mark with a word mark. A professionally designed Iconic logo will successfully communicate the role and personality of the company. Being more effective in its purpose, they require less marketing to get the point across.
Being comparatively cheaper and cost effective, they are excellent ideas for the small business and startups.

Word mark logo:
This is the most common of all the types. It uses a unique typeface with slightly customized fonts; this creates something that’s both practical and elegant. Such types of logo act as an ad for your company, it functions on its own without advertising backup.
With word mark logo, the representation by the ‘word’ actually becomes the company symbol.

  • It feels clean and strong.
  • Can lasts for a life time.
  • Easy to remember.
  • Low cost to brand.

Combination Logo:
A combination of word mark and Iconic style, they use graphic to signify the brand image. A text or an icon is super imposed on each other with professional clarity to display as to what your organization is about. A brief of a text or just an abbreviation, compliments the symbol.
Also known as illustrative logo, they are of high impact and very popular.

  • They are completely unique
  • Best value for money.

Some combinations of above given types, are termed differently, but they are only types due to combinations. They are:-

  • Graphic
  • Letter Marks
  • Brand Marks

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Brand and Logo Design / Brand Management

 The quality of any business is the major factor for its success. When the product of the company is popular due to its persistent high quality, the quality becomes the brand . Brands are identified by the company logos. They are called the Brand logos. Customer does not feel shy of paying an extra dollar for the quality he recognizes. Remember the brand logo must be simple, recognizable at a glance and original in nature. Branding of a business is very important as due to branding a business stands out and makes an impression. Please click on the link below to view our Brand Management / Corporate Identity / Business Starter Package details. 

We provide logo design Melbourne , logo design Sydney , logo design Brisbane . 


Table throws with logos / trade show table throws . Our designed logos can be easily printed on table throws which are widely used at receptions , trade shows , school , colleges , universities etc . For complete range of table throws , table covers , table throws for trade shows please visit http://www.tablethrows.com.au


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